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A girl who loves music

A small town Texas girl hits the streets of Austin, opens a vintage clothing store and hits the local music scene to create the first Punk Rock Fashion Show at "Club Foot" in the 80s. If I was not working in my vintage store or waiting tables (while being entertained by my friend David Yow, the cook, who loved placing a smoking fish head on the line), I would search to discover a different live music venue for another fashion show with live music and to fill my soul with the sounds of Scratch Acid, The Butthole Surfers, Alejandro Escovedo's True Believers and The Nuns, D-Day, The Big Boys, The Wagoneers, Joe Ely, the list is endless. In the late 80s, It seemed Austin was in a bit of a depression, I felt It was time for a change.  It was either New York or Seattle? So I drove to the giant Space Needle to begin the next chapter. Waiting tables once again and working at the Infamous record store PEACHES in the U District.  A time when Grunge, Punk Rock and Metal ruled the Seattle music scene and bands like Mudhoney and Nirvana's in store appearances would leave me awe struck and breathless. I had found my new home a bigger Austin with more bands and more clubs and more of everything...more fashion shows at The Weather Wall & The RCKNDY...more music festivals selling my jewelry designs...more art and music founder of Burning Hearts...more clothing boutiques...more music...more music..
20 years later, I created 1GritGirl Productions to produce a music event for the Greenwood Music Crawl which showcases local musicians of Seattle and the PNW.  I am ready to see where the music takes me.

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